How to find me

I’m all over the Internet:

Please reach out to me if you have stories of courage and hope to share, I’d be honored to post them here.

And if I’m not online, you may find me on top of Bernal Heights Park (photo) — one of my favorite places in San Francisco where I often go to unwind and reflect.


4 thoughts on “How to find me

  1. I read that google is matching donations to help refugees and migrants. My heart breaks for these people who have lost everything and I wish I could do more. I’m disabled and live from one check a month to the next the following month, so, if google is still doing this next month when I get my disability I will do what I can. I wish it could be more, but can you please pass on to someone who you think might need it, my wishes and prayers for all that they need. If there is anything I can do, someone who might need or want a pen pal or just someone to talk to, please let me know.



    1. Dear Kathleen, thank you so much for leaving such a personal and touching note. Your wishes and prayers mean a lot to me and to so many people, and does really make a difference. I truly wish you all the best!


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